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Choose your SQLWays Toolkit
plan and migrate easily

SQLWays Toolkit automates migration of the entire schema and data from source to target database seamlessly. Choose a plan that meets the requirements of your project.

SQLWays Toolkit

Standard Custom
Starting plan for professionals Optimal choice for experts Recommended for
modernization business apps
Comprehensive solution according to your requirements




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Migration restrictions:
Data 20 GB 50 GB 100 GB custom
SQL code 7 200 LoC 18 000 LoC 36 000 LoC custom
Quality support
The possibillity of tesmwork
Smart conversion
Customization of the tool

Supported Databases

Source RDBMS
  • Oracle
  • MSSQL Server
  • DB2 LUW
  • Informix
  • Sybase ASA
  • Sybase ASE
Target RDBMS
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MariaDB

All the licenses imply migration eithin 1 migration direction (from 1 source to 1 target database). If you need to move 1 database to 2 different RDBMS, you can buy 2 licenses. The choice of preferred technologies is made at the next purchase step. Custom license supports migration of any database.

How to choose the right license?

Free Assessment Tool

Assesment Wizard is a free tol designed for making a report with all the calculated data in your database. Just compare the received report with the table below and choose the most appropriate plan. Assessment Wizard is included in SQLWays Toolkit. Make a request to both evaluate the migration opportunities and analyze your database for free.

Assessment Wizard

Tables 100 pcs 20 GB 250 pcs 50 GB 500 pcs 100 GB
Views 20 pcs 600 LoC 50 pcs 1500 LoC 100 pcs 3000 LoC
SPs 20 pcs 2000 LoC 50 pcs 5000 LoC 100 pcs 10000 LoC
Functions 20 pcs 2000 LoC 50 pcs 5000 LoC 100 pcs 10000 LoC
Triggers 20 pcs 600 LoC 50 pcs 1500 LoC 100 pcs 3000 LoC
Packages 10 pcs 2000 LoC 25 pcs 5000 LoC 50 pcs 10000 LoC
Tables 100 pcs 20 GB 250 pcs 50 GB 500 pcs 100 GB
Views 20 pcs 600 LoC 50 pcs 1500 LoC 100 pcs 3000 LoC
SPs 30 pcs 3000 LoC 75 pcs 7500 LoC 150 pcs 15000 LoC
Functions 30 pcs 3000 LoC 75 pcs 7500 LoC 150 pcs 15000 LoC
Triggers 20 pcs 600 LoC 50 pcs 1500 LoC 100 pcs 3000 LoC

How to try the tool before buying?

In order to check the migration quality for your own you can quest a free demo license of SQLWays Toolkit. Please, note that the demo license is designed for testing the quality of migration and getting acquainted with the capabillities of SQLWays Toolkit. If you haven't tried our tool yet, then a free demo license is a great opprtunity to make sure that our solution suits you. It is available for 30 days.

Free Online Converter

All the licenseOur Online Converter is desined for migrating a limited amount of sql code. It is free to use. Please, note that it dowsn't connect the source database and it can have an impact on the quality of migration. The benefits of SQLWays Toolkit are shown at the table below.

SQLWays Toolkit Online Converter
Data conversion
Automatic export from the source database
Automatic import to the target database
Smart Conversion

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? Does it automate the process of migration?
Yes, SQLWays Toolkit provides up to 90% of automation without manual corrections afterwards. If you want to evaluate its capabilities, you can try the free demo license.
My project is small. Can I migrate my database with your demo license?
No, the demo license of SQLWays Toolkit is designed only for making a test migration and evaluating the quality of automatic conversion
What does the support include?
Ispirer provides standard support that includes solving problems with the installation and use of the tool. Our experts help customers via email, phone and online meetings.
What is smart conversion?
Smart conversion is a feature that improves the quality of conversion by analyzing the extra information about the database (data types, correlation between objects, etc.)
Can I use SQLWays Toolkit for several directions?
No, a license can be used only for 1 source and 1 target database. If you want to migrate in different directions, you can buy another license.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Currently we accept Credit Cards and PayPal payment.
How will I get SQLWays after payment?
Link to the distribution kit and the license key will be in your personal account and sent to your email.
Having bought SQLWays, how long do I have access to its functions?
A license is valid for 1 month.
What is customization?
In case you have a database with lots of unique peculiarities, you can request customization. According to the specifics of the database, our engineers can add or alter conversion rules in SQLWays to achieve better conversion results. It is essential for large-scale projects, where each new step can significantly speed up migration and reduce
If I buy a 3+ months license, can I have a discount?
Yes, if you need a license for more than 3 months, you can contact us and discuss the details about the discount with our sales managers.

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